“Shaangu” Has Been Mentioned Several Times in Shaanxi Government Press Conference

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In the morning of July 04th, Shaanxi provincial government open a press conference aimed at guiding Shaanxi enterprises to management innovation and improving the enterprises high-quality development. At the conference, Mr. Yuan Zhongde, vice head of Shaanxi Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (SMIIT), and Mr. Song Yachao, director of industrial policy department of SMIIT, introduced Shaanxi provincial government’s performance for the enterprises management innovation and the high-quality development. Shaangu and “Shaangu mode” was mentioned several times in the conference.

Shaanxi province, according with the deploying of the central government, centering on promoting high-quality development of Shaanxi economy, has continuously carried forward the management innovation and quality & efficiency improvement of the enterprises. Positive results has been gotten.

The first, carry out the demonstration & popularization, and communication training as well for the enterprises, so as to set up typical examples and advanced concept. There are 2 centralized trainings and 3 on-site communication conducted in the province. Furthermore, middle and small-sized enterprises management training and on-site experiences communication of Shaangu management innovation were hold in Xi’an and Lintong respectively.

The second, take green intelligent service-oriented manufacturing as the developing direction to promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing sector. In the aspect of developing service-oriented manufacturing, “Shaangu Mode” has been written in the provincial government work report. And “Shaangu mode” has become a name card in implementing the in-depth inosculation and development of advanced manufacturing and manufacturing-type service in Shaanxi province, which has been popularized over around the country. Shaangu Power with other two enterprises were recognized the state model enterprises of service-oriented manufacturing.

The third, step up the building of supporting platform, and establish specialized public service system.

The next step, Shaanxi will also concentrate efforts in the following six aspects, including strengthening top-level design and planning & coordination, improving the concepts of management innovation of enterprises, enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises, extending the value chain of manufacturing sector, supporting the innovation of HR management of enterprises and increasing the culture soft strength of enterprises, with the aims of guiding the enterprises to management innovation and improving quality & efficiency to accelerate high-quality development of Shaanxi industrial economy. Through some enterprises driving industrial chain(s) and then the industrial chain(s) driving the whole industry, propel the enterprises management innovation and improve the development quality and efficiency, and then make contribution for high-quality development of the industrial economy of the whole province to present good gift for the national 70thbirthday.

Mr. Liu Guozhong, provincial governor of Shaanxi, has stated in his report that: “promote the in-depth inosculation of advanced manufacturing and manufacturing-type service; promote “Shaangu Mode”; and accelerate the resources integration of manufacturing enterprises and manufacturing-type service enterprises.” From “production-type manufacturing” turning to “service-type manufacturing”, Shaangu has entered into a new development era of transformation. Since focusing on distributed energy field, Shaangu has gotten good development performance. Its distributed energy system solutions have been recognized widely by customers in the fields of process industries, smart city, and OBOR overseas market.

As of end of 2018, main operating indicators of Shaangu has almost reached or exceeded the advanced enterprises in the world. And its operating profit is rating at No. 1 continuously in 15 years in the domestic industry. Its revenue in 2017 has increased by 65.21% compared with in 2016, and the overseas revenue increased by 76.67% on year-over-year basis. Both of the indicators reached record high. And in 2018, its revenue has increased by 86.3% and overseas revenue by 111.38% compared with in 2017, which got another record high. And the revenue of its industrial service & operation business in the company’s total revenue reached to 79.16% in 2018. So Shaangu has realized successfully transformation.

“Shaangu Mode” has been recognized widely by the industry peers, and promoted around over the country. Besides of “Shaangu mode”, many other enterprises also demonstrate their typical developing mode. In the aspect of industrial culture development, Shaanxi industry has passed hundred years of developing history. With rich industrial heritage, strengthening protection and utilization of its industrial heritages, inheriting the industrial spirit and carrying forward excellent industrial cultures will play the important roles in promoting the development of industrialized province and realizing running after and surpassing.

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